Fiest Aid Bandage is Young Chemical

(주)영케미칼은 일회용밴드 및 반창고 분야에서 세계최고의 품질을 자랑합니다.


First Aid Bandage is YOUNG CHEMICAL

As one of the leading manufacturer of first aid bandage/plaster in Korea,
We have been providing such items to the Korean local and overseas markets for the past 20 years
In addition, we have helped many other foreign companies to produce their own bandage
and plaster goods in their country by providing the production machines as well’
Thanks to the strong and constant supports from our
Customers both domestic and overseas,
We still enjoy the high reputation in this market
However. We will never stop meeting the requests
from the customers and will pursue
the Customer’s satisfaction
AII products described here are the results
Of our sincere efforts for the customers
We hope our endless efforts
can finally make our name YOUNG CHEMICAL represent the first aid bandage business field in the world
50 we are proudly saying "Young chemical is the first aid bandage”
Hope to see you as not only your customer but also a friend in near future
Thank you very much for visiting our website.

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